3 Things You Didnt Know About Gold

We see it every day, in our homes, on TV, in shops, on the people we pass on the street, everywhere. Gold is one of the most sought-after metals in history, but few people really take the time to learn about where gold comes from, or what makes it so special. For example: nearly 75% of all the gold that is in circulation today was extracted after 1910. That's a lot of gold in not a lot of time! Here are some other incredible facts about gold, and why it reigns as the most precious of metals.

They look so light on TV! - Cartoons made it seem like a normal thing to buy gold bars and throw them into a sack with a money sign on it. But really, one cubic foot of gold weighs half a ton. This makes the world's largest gold bar a whopping 440 pounds. Not such a light haul, but it may be worth a little muscle, considering most of the world's gold bars have 99% to 99.5% pure gold, making them nearly 24k in purity.

Hammer it home - Gold is the most malleable of all the elements, and a single ounce of it can be hammered out into a 300 square foot sheet. A sheet of gold can even reach a transparent state, if made thin enough. It's also extremely ductile, and that same ounce could be stretched into a thread 5 miles long. Some gold threads can be used for embroidery.

Just tell me "when" - Because gold is non-toxic, you can even find forms of it that are edible! Gold flakes are used all over the world in different kinds of foods and drinks, and can also be found in different kinds of luxury skincare products. This makes buying gold easier for people who haven't really reached "gold bar" status just yet.

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